Department of Informatics


I have been a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Informatics until recently, working in a project about the Cognitive Science of tactile graphics. I now work as a Teaching Fellow in CSAI.

This research aims to provide insight into the perceptive and cognitive processes related to tactile graphics and so inform efforts to develop more effective designs. Eventually, such novel designs, I hope, may be helpful to improve the utility of tactile graphics for visually impaired people.

A major element of my work is the development of software for data elicitation (Android) and data analysis (Java), as well as computational models of hand and finger movement.

Over a longer period, I have been working in areas related to the design of representational systems and interactive knowledge tools for complex domains; compositional modelling; computer graphics, diagrammatic representations, as well as knowledge acquisition with diagrams.

Current CV