The University of Sussex

The Public Understanding of Environmental e-Science and SENSE Projects: e-Science Learning Activities

Hilary Smith, Josh Underwood, Rose Luckin, Geraldine Fitzpatrick

E-Science has the potential to transform school science by enabling learners, teachers and research scientists to engage together in authentic scientific enquiry, collaboration and learning. Two related e-Science projects were conducted between 2003 and 2005 that focussed on ways to bring e-Science into secondary science teaching and learning, and take active, hands-on learning beyond the classroom into the local environment. The “Public Understanding of Environmental e-Science” project and the “Schools EScience Network for the Study of Environmental science” (SENSE) project were exploratory studies probing potential methods to incorporate e-Science into science learning. The hands-on learning activities were based around the science of studying Antarctic lakes, carbon monoxide monitoring in air pollution, and full scientific lifecycle skills. In this report we provide the details of the studies and refer the reader to other published work for further details about the analyses we conducted on the projects’ data.

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