The University of Sussex

BodyPresent: Social Coordination of Embodied Stillness

Manuela Jungmann, Nicolas Villar

We are proposing a small-scale demonstrator, BodyPresent, which is an installation constructed out of five stands, arranged in a circle around a physical display. Each stand holds one person, whose swaying movement animates the shared physical display made from ferromagnetic fluid. The five persons who are taking part in the installation coordinate their movements to simultaneously interact, changing the shape of the fluid. Embodied interaction occurs in the physical world and in social context, thus involving the body, others, and objects. Ubiquitous computing often centres on one of the mentioned elements in embodied interaction. We are investigating a proof of concept by implementing all three elements, tying them together with the participants’ swaying movements so that these can create a unified and coordinated representation. Our approach is iterative and incremental, using in-situ user studies that rough out user responses in regards to content conception. Technically, we are building on existing tools from the Equator device catalogue with the potential to incorporate, as an addition, a novel form of tangible interfaces.

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