The University of Sussex

The 16th White House papers. Graduate research in cognitive and computing sciences at Sussex

Kingsley Sage, ed.

A collection of two-page submissions to the annual COGS postgraduate workshop, intended to reflect the material presented and serve as a general or non-specialist introduction to the author's work. Topics covered include: automobile memory; causal reasoning in AI; control in anorexia and bulimia; multiple realizability; hemispheric repetition priming; correlations in neuronal spike trains; computer-mediated communication; facial attractiveness; autism, social cognition and perception-action; auditory display in adaptive systems research; distributed denial of service; Yoruba high tone; genes; emotion cubes; exploring the neural code; self-diagnosing hardware; effective peer collaboration; Semitic tense; Evaluative lexis in religious domain of EM English; Face recognition and memory awareness; Autohyponymy and mental representations; Why I don't like whiskey; Acquisition of fear; Automatic grammar induction; Alienation; Visual guided agents; Working-class literacy; Deliberate minds; Bootstrapping a better parser; Motivation and goal orientation; Locative inversion vs object in Setswana; Assumption free cognitive modelling; Goats lick buttercups [!]; First language interference in second language learning; Motivational issues in a Vygotskyan ITS; End-user and system interface; Pulsatility in the neuroendocrine system; Dolphin echolocation; Task-based visual control; Memory in adults with Asperger's; Synchrony in cortical circuits; Scientific theory formation in genetics; Vocal repertoire analysis; Modelling path integration; Semi-sense-tagged corpora; Use of self-presentation tactics; Why not throw out your thesaurus?

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