The University of Sussex

Building a framework for interactive educational television content

R. Luckin, J. Coultas, J. Underwood, B. du Boulay, J. Mateer, R. Mudge, M. Sharples, R. Tongue

This report was formulated from discussions held at the first meeting of The Interactive Educational Content Forum in Brighton on 11 and 12 July, 2002. The two-day workshop, funded by the EPSRC, explored the way in which creativity and technology could be combined to design educationally effective interactive television content. The Executive Summary brings together the main themes developed at the workshop. The main body of the report is based on notes and video recordings taken at the time and therefore is much more a record of the events as they took place, rather than a carefully polished and reworked synopsis of the event. Four key issues were focal to the workshop sessions: Motivation and Engagement through interactivity, Personalisation, Collaboration, and Context. Participants were drawn from academic, commercial, and policy-making organisations. The workshop succeeded in providing an independent presentation and discussion forum for academics, film and TV content providers and policy makers. Discussions were extensive and resulted in the identification of key items for future research and acknowledged the need for the creation of a pedagogically informed design framework.

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