The University of Sussex

The 15th White House papers. Graduate research in cognitive and computing sciences at Sussex

Julie Weeds, ed.

A collection of two-page submissions to the annual COGS postgraduate workshop, intended to reflect the material presented and serve as a general or non-specialist introduction to the author's work. Topics covered include: philosophy and the science of cause and effect, hemispheric specialisations in face processing, the concept of information in cognitive science, an action oriented lexicon, personal decision making, complexity, autism, healing hardware(?), information retrieval, evaluative conditioning, development of fear beliefs, perseverative psychopathology, evolutionary robotics and evolution of morphology, working class literacy in the Weald, sound synthesis and performance, disgust, entropy models, motivational state modeller, connectionist modelling, 'Benglish' in East London, user discourse and technology design, descriptions and anaphora, visual control, memory, animal vocal communication, autonomous robots, handover optimisation, social insect behaviour, self-presentational strategies, assymetry in words, models of developmental systems.

This paper is not available online