The University of Sussex

The 14th White House papers. Graduate research in cognitive and computing sciences at Sussex

Darren Pearce, ed.

A follow-up publication to the COGS/ITRI postgraduate annual workshop - brief papers summarizing the research of those attending that provide a snapshot of their research: Hemispheric specialisations and cooperation in face processing (Bourne); Modelling extended cognition with adaptive language games (Clowes); Distributed virtual environments (Cogdon); Investigating the associative properties of evaluative conditioning (Lascelles); An investigation to determine whether the catastrophic misinterpretation of bodily sensations leads to the development of situational phobias (Lively); Self-organising structure and the emergence of modularity in neural networks (Morse); Java in small places (Newsome); On the construction of artificial persons as a research strategy for a future cognitive science (Oliver); Children's development of scientific understanding in the domain of astronomy (Panagiotaki); Synonyms and collocations (Pearce); Major transitions in evolving, multi-agent systems (Penn); Evolvability and neutrality (Smith); On the evolution of learning behaviour in mobile autonomous robots (Tuci); The meaning of taflig: distributed similarity for rare words (Weeds); Modelling virtual environments (Zayas).

This paper is not available online