The University of Sussex

A magnetic resonance image description language for neuroradiology

George du Boulay, Briony A. Teather, Derek Teather, Nathan Jeffery

The MEDIATE project is a collaborative venture the initial aim of which (the MR Tutor) is to provide a computer-based training system to help neuroradiology trainees develop the skills required to become experts in the field. The tutor is designed to teach trainees a structured Magnetic Resonance (MR) Image Description Language (IDL). This paper describes that language. The basic domain representation underpinning the system is an archive of cases with confirmed diagnoses, all described by the same expert using the IDL. This paper describes the full Image Description Language (as of 9/01/2002). Note that for the purposes of the prototype description training system (the MR Tutor) a simplified version of the description language has been used. It provides an initial set of terms to support discussion and sharing of knowledge amongst trainee neuroradiologists and their supervisors. It also serves as a structured representation of knowledge for the MR Tutor, enabling it to generate remedial responses to student errors.

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