The University of Sussex

Efficiency in large-scale parsing systems

John Carroll, Robert C. Moore, Stephan Oepen

Proceedings of workshop held at COLING 2000, 18th international conference on computational linguistics, Luxembourg, August 2000. Contents: Why not cubic? (Kaplan); Efficient large-scale parsing - a survey (Carroll & Oepen); Precompilation of HPSG in ALE into a CFG for fast parsing (Brown); Time as a measure of parsing efficiency (Moore); Measuring efficiency in high-accuracy, broad-coverage statistical parsing (Roark & Charniak); Some experiments on indicators of parsing complexity for lexicalized grammars (Sarkar, Xia & Joshi); Large scale parsing ofCzech (Smrz & Horak); Cross-platform, cross-grammar comparison - can it be done? (Callmeier & Oepen); Tools for large-scale parser development (Suzuki & Pinkham).

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