The University of Sussex

Interacting through/with technology: increasing the potential for communicating and learning?

Fabrice Retkowsky, ed.

Proceedings of the 3rd postgraduate workshop on human-centred technologies, Brighton Sept-Oct 1999. Papers: Multiple intelligences and instructional design (Al-Rawahi); Reasoning and representation: using educational technology to foster learners' understanding of the concepts of causality and human agency in history (Masterman); Programming information types in Prolog (Romero); Dictionaries as language learning tools for students of English (Winkler); the role of individual differences and levels of learner control in hypermedia environments (Yu-Hua Chen); Exploratory learning environments and the demanded interactivity: the cosmic explorer case (Al-Shidhani); Premodelling for examination revision through adaptive testing (Chua Abdullah); The budge management system (Coakes); Designing interaction with VEs to improve young children's spatial cognition (Gabrielli); The reflection assistant: improving reflection and metacognitive skills in interactive learning systems (Gama); Molecular biology learning goes virtual (Garcia-Ruiz); Learning concepts through manipulating VR representations (Otero); Some other kind of information: informational relationships and (within) art (as) systems(s) (Topping); Computer mediated communication across academic disciplines (Fry); A conceptual framework for extended groupwork (Halloran); The medium ISN'T the message: interaction WITH technology AIN'T interaction THROUGH technology (Lenting); Relationships beyond the interface: using Acts to enhance user/producer interaction (Light); Interacting to learn (Vavoula); Push and pull technologies using a WIDE approach: web-based instructional design environment (Basiel); Non-verbal communication in collaborative virtual environments (Fabri); ENRICH-ing computer tool design using activity theory (Mwanza); SIDE-VIEW: an interactive web environment to support group collaborative learning (Rogers); How language affects users' models of the internet (Sheeran).

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