The University of Sussex

There is no free lunch but the starter is cheap: generalisation from first principles

Chris Thornton

According to Wolpert's no-free-lunch (NFL) theorems [Wolpert, 1996b, Wolpert, 1996a], generalisation in the absence of domain knowledge is necessarily a zero-sum enterprise. Good generalisation performance in one situation is always offset by bad performance in another. Wolpert notes that the theorems do not demonstrate that effective generalisation is a logical impossibility but merely that a learner's bias (or assumption set) is of key importance in determining its generalisation performance. However, in this paper it is argued that this may be an over-reading of the results. Situations can be identified in which a learner's assumptions are effectively {\em guaranteed} correct. The in-practice prevalence of these situations may account for the reliably good generalisation performance of methods such as C4.5 and Backpropagation.

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