The University of Sussex

Proceedings of the ESSLLI-98 workshop on automated acquisition of syntax and parsing

Bill Keller, ed.

Learning part of speech disambiguation rules using inductive logic programming (Lindberg & Eineborg); A genetic algorithm for finite state automata induction an an application to phonotactics (Belz, Eskikaya); A framework for grammar acquisition (Schulze); A corpus-based probabilistic unification grammar (ter Doest); Learning unification-based phrase-structure rules with a grammar inference tool (Geistert); Distinguishing complements from adjuncts using memory-based learning(Buchholz); Automatic extraction of subcategorization frames from corpora - improving filtering with diathesis alternations (Korhonen); Chunk tagger, statistical recognition of noun phrases (Skut, Brants); Interactive grammar repair (Gavalda).

This paper is not available online