The University of Sussex

Human Centred Technology workshop '98 proceedings

Ann Light, Rose Luckin, Fabrice Retkowsky, Pablo Romero, eds

Papers include: Virtual hospital round, a cognitive tool for clinical teaching (Al-Rawahi); Learning processes in distance education (Andreasen); The learning techology project, redefining educational opportunity in the digital age (Ardern, Paley); Web-constructivism using Javascript (Basiel); The laughing PC, how a computer-based instruction programme uses riddles to help children's reading comprehension (Bradwell, Ulicsak); User models for predicting usability, real-world validity v. mathematical abstraction (Butterworth); Computer-mediated communication across divergent research networks (Fry); Design and use of collaborative telelearning artifacts (Guribye); An activity-theoretic analysis of the failure of a requirements capture protocol for a peer-to-peer student support system (Halloran); Understanding the cognitive basis for using multimedia in education (Jones, Spinelli); Seniors on the internet (Lamerichs); Interactivity and the web (Light); The development of electronic academic communities (Matthews); Developing sustainable community networks (Millar); Community storytelling using hypermedia (Miskelly); 3D vitual environment and learning (Palmeiro-Otero); How the properties of the communication medium affect cooperation, pilot-controller mutual awareness (Palmonari); The application of visualisation to requirements engineering (Perry); The collegue in the machine, electronic commerce and organisational learning in the insurance industry (Rae); People that aren't going to talk (Ramirez Uresti); An experiment workbench to study software reuse from a cognitive perspective (Retkowsky); The community and technology (Rimmer); Focal structures in Prolog programs (Romero); Supporting group activity in distance learning from case studies (Costa Rosatelli); Redefining the hyperlink (Stanyer); Mediating meta-cognitive conflicts in a collaborative problem-solving situation (Cabral de Azevedo Restelli Tedesco); A human-centred recycling support tool (Waplington); Experiences from applying HCD in a complex process control environment: the FS case study (Wimmer).

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