The University of Sussex

Proceedings of workshop on the evaluation of parsing systems

John Carroll, ed.

Contents: A survey of parser evaluation methods (Carroll & Briscoe); Evaluating a robust parser for Italian (Basili, Pazienza, Zanzotto); Chunking Itlian: linguistic and task-oriented evaluation (Federici, Montemagni, Pirrelli); Modifying existing annotated corpora for general comparative evaluation of parsing (Gaizauskas, Hepple, Huyck); Evaluation of the syntactic analysis component of an information extraction system for German (Klein, Declerck, Neumann); Dependency-based evaluation of MINIPAR (Lin); Evaluating parses for spoken language dialogue systems (Minker & Chase); A corpus for parse pruning (Muller-Landmann); The TOSCA parsing system reviewed (Oostdijk); Grammar and parser evaluation in the XTAG project (Bangalore et al).

This paper is not available online