The University of Sussex

The tenth White House papers. Graduate research in the cognitive and computing sciences at Sussex

John Halloran, Fabrice Retkowsky, eds

Contents: An extension of defeasible Prolog (Pietarinen); Impossible worlds and logical omniscience: a note on MacPherson's logic of belief (Pietarinen); A co-evolutionary approach to the call admission problem in telecommunications (Seth); Estimation of a probability distribution over a hierarchical classification (McCarthy); Software reuse from an external memory: the cognitive issues of support tools (Retkowsky); Intention movements and the evoltuion of animal signals (Noble); Teaching a learning companion (Ramirez Uresti); Debugging as a program comprehension (Romero Mares); KBANN's for classification of normal breast 31P MRS based on hormone-dependent changes during the menstrual cycle (Sordo, Buxton, Watson);

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