The University of Sussex

Gaining access to internet quality of service from an application (Netbase)

Nicholas Sharples

This paper is intended as an overview of my recent work toward the construction of a globally distributed database of WAN connectivity patterns. It is the intent of such a system to provide client applications with prior knowledge as to the quality of service a path between two hosts can provide, over a specified period of time. Using remote objects and native methods now available with the latest release of Java 1.1, a stable framework for development has been constructed. Remote objects provide potential developers with an API into the system, while allowing client applications easy access to the data. Native methods provide access to the finer grained platform dependent timers, required for accurate network performance measures. The main components of the system have been produced including administration tools, a remote database server and information gathering probes. Having now reached a point from which I can look at the work undertaken, I wish to study its weakness and decide a strategy for future development.

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