The University of Sussex

The Ninth White House Papers. Graduate research in the Cognitive and Computing Sciences

Jason Noble, Sara R. Parsowith

Contents: Multiple intelligences, instructional design and medical education (Al-Rawahi); The developmental prerequisites of self-presentation (Banerjee); Scientific induction and transfer of learning (Bensusan); Health anxieties and the 'worried well': locating and defining an elusive population (Cavanagh); Some false starts in the construction of a research methodology for artificial life (Di Paolo); An exemplar-based recognition and recall system using an interpretation process (Ellis); Face recognition using radial basis function neural networks (Howell, Buxton); You'll never walk alone in Vygotsky's zone (Luckin); Automatic acquisition of the argument structure and semantic preferences of verbs (McCarthy); Can artificial life explain the evolution of communication? (Noble); The WWW as an enabling technology for synchronous collaborative work (Parsowith); Investigating a dynamic-mutation rate genetic algorithm (Sharpe); Constructing a dynamic world: a critique of Gibson's affordances (Shergold); Optimizing compilation of object-oriented programming languages (Type); How do I check my software designs? (Wood).

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