The University of Sussex

Proceedings of workshop on robust parsing at eighth summer school in logic, language and information

John Carroll, ed

Contents include: Robust Parsing - a Brief Overview (John Carroll & Ted Briscoe); Partial Parsing via Finite-state Cascades (Steven Abney); A Robust Finite-state Parser for French} (Jean-Pierre Chanod & Pasi Tapanainen); Robust Speech Parsing (Ute Ehrlich & Gerhard Hanrieder); Shallow Parsing and Text Chunking: a View on Underspecification in Syntax (Stefano Federici, Simonetta Montemagni & Vito Pirrelli); GLR*: a Robust Parser for Spontaneously Spoken Language (Alon Lavie); Evaluation of PRINCIPAR with the SUSANNE Corpus (Dekang Lin); An Approach to Robust Partial Parsing and Evaluation Metrics (B. Srinivas, Christine Doran, Beth Ann Hockey & Aravind Joshi); Robust Parsing with the Head-corner Parser (Gertjan van Noord); Transformation-based Bracketing: Fast Algorithms and Experimental Results (Marc Vilain & David Palmer); Using Verb Semantic Role Information to Extend Partial Parses via a Co-reference Mechanism (Robert Gaizauskas & Kevin Humphreys).

This paper is not available online