The University of Sussex

Investigating the changes in the metacognitive activities of students while interacting with a computer tool

Sadhana Puntambekar, Benedict du Boulay

This paper describes changes in students' learning activities while interacting with a computer system. MIST (Metacognition In Studying from Texts) has been designed to help students develop their metacognitive activities while studying from texts. Empirical studies with MIST were carried out with students of high and low academic performance who interacted with the system in pairs. The paper describes the changes brought about during the intervention on two important aspects of metacognition - planning and monitoring. It was found that interaction with MIST influenced the planning and monitoring activities of high ability pairs to a greater extent than low ability pairs. Comparison of the differential effect on the time spent on planning and monitoring, on the different study methods used and on the conversation of students while they interacted with the system are drawn in the paper.

This paper is not available online