The University of Sussex

The MR Tutor: computer-based training and professional practice

M. Sharples, J.B.H. du Boulay, B.A. Teather, D. Teather, N. Jeffery, G.H. du Boulay

The MR Tutor is intended for use by radiologists who are being trained to interpret MR images of the brain, particularly images presenting diseases that are acknowledged to be hard to differentiate. We have developed an image description language for MR images of the head suitable for a wide range of image sequences. The language is image-based, not pathology-based, and is used to describe the images as they present themselves rather than to classify the pathology which may be indicated in the image. We have established a dedicated archive of cases that illustrate a range of pathologies. This archive provides a substantial part of the domain knowledge for the MR Tutor. This paper is concerned with accounts of professional practice and skill development, and how these provide requirements for the design of the MR Tutor and similar systems.

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