The University of Sussex

The eighth White House papers. Graduate research in the cognitive and computing sciences at Sussex

A. Jonathan Howell, Joseph A. Wood eds

Contents: From genotype to neural network through hierarchical organisation (Barreau); Induction input management (Bensusan); Automatic debugging of multiple-function programs (Delara); Cascade correlation as a model of representation redescription (Brook); An application of AI techniques to a consumer software product (Cullimore); Multimedia interfaces and anaphora resolution (Rocha); Reconstruction of the neuronal network underlying feeding behaviour in the pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis (Dunn); The role of neural activity in the development of the cat visual system (Eglen); A scaleable approach to face identification (Howell & Buxton); Automated pipe route generation using genetic algorithms (Kim); Whole cognizers, phenomenology and AI (Lemmen); Creating a computerized ZPD (Luckin); Creativity in writing (Perez y Perez); Explicit context and information discovery systems (Staff); Pattern recognition analysis of tumour in vivo MR spectra (Tate, Griffiths, Watson); An evolved dynamical electronic robot control system (Thompson); Showtree, the next generation (Wood).

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