The University of Sussex

The 1994 COGS Robotics Challenge

Chris Thornton

The Robotics Challenge was set up in the hope of applying a little evolutionary pressure to the various strands of systems-building work currently going on in COGS. The specification for the competition was drawn up towards the end of the Spring term 1994. It defined the goal of the competition to be the implementation of a (possibly simulated) mobot able to successfully solve the 'saloon door' problem. In this problem a mobot must successfuly navigate its way through a pair of continuously swinging salon doors. The specificaiton was drawn up in an attempt to make the task challenging but not daunting. In particular, the speed of the doors was set to be approximately equal to the maximum speed of the mobot. Harry Barrow, Phil Husbands and Ron Chrisley all acted as judges for the competition. On the submission date three entries were received with one 'near miss'. In demonstration, all three systems produced good performance on the problem. However, Bamford's entry out-performed the Jakobi/Harvey entry by a considerable margin and managed to squeeze David Young's entry into a close second place. The prize of 50 pounds was awarded to Simeon Bamford.

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