The University of Sussex

Models of synaptic development in early visual cortex

Harry G. Barrow, Alistair J. Bray

This report is comprised of three independent parts describing developmental models for orientation selectivity, 'colour-blobs' and position-invariant complex cells respectively Each of these models has been documented, in abbreviated form, in previously published work [1,2,3]. As such, these reports are intended to present 'the full story'. Part I describes an activity-based model of processing in the early visual pathway including retina, lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), and simple cells in the cortex. Part II describes a model of colour-processing in the parvicellular visual pathway of primates. Part III proposes that complex cells in layers II and III of primate visual cortex learn to be sensitive to orientation, but invariant to position, through a mechnanism similar to classical conditioning.

This paper is not available online