The University of Sussex

PLUG '92 Proceedings of Conference

University of Sussex

From September 30th to October 2nd BCS PLUG held its fourth conference, for the first time at the University of Sussex, the home of the Poplog environment. The conference emphasised the practical aspects of using Poplog and other Pop languages and environments. Subjects included: J.Anderson: Geometrical transformations for CAD and Vision. A.Casson : The Expertext Toolkit: and intelligent hypertext application of Pop11 and the X Toolkit. C.Dollin: Pepper: a Pop-like language R.Evans: Mixed language programming in Poplog R.J.Gaizauskas: Building a distributed Poplog application using RPC. J.Hunt: Using Poplog to automate failure modes and effects analysis for the automotive industry. R.Lucas: Interfacing Poplog Prolog to RDBMS via SQL J.Meyer: PROPSHEET: Property sheets and dialogue boxes revisited. A.Montgomery: ISL Shop window. B.Rabau: An Object-oriented approach to graphics in X

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