The University of Sussex

An Introduction to HiPWorks: an AI/Hypermedia Authoring Environment

Jonathan Meyer, Pauline Jones, Mike Sharples

This paper introduces HiPWorks: a Hypermedia authoring system built in the UK-base Poplog AI programming environment. HiPWorks is a product under development as part of the Hypermedia in Poplog (HiP) research project. The aim of this paper is to introduce the reader to the issues of integrating Artificial Intelligence with Hypermedia, and to offer practical advice based on our experiences of writing the HiPWorks software. The paper describes the underlying research questions that motivated the project: it describes why Hypermedia and Artificial Intelligence form an important and exciting partnership, specifically looking at AI augmenting Hypermedia, Hypermedia augmenting AI and the synergy between AI and Hypermedia. It presents Poplog and describes the background and history from which the HiP project arose. It looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the HyperCard approach, and whos how we have developed the themes used in HyperCard like systems, looking at metaphor, usability, terminology and scripting. The paper discusses a few practical problems we faced implementing the tool, outlines new opportunities presented by HiPWorks and describes a demonstration application for HiPWorks.

This paper is not available online