The University of Sussex

The TIC Project final report

Christopher S. Mellish, Roger Evans, John Walker

The Traffic Information Collator (TIC) is a knowledge-based system which monitors police reports of traffic incidents and automatically generates appropriate warning messages for motorists. The TIC accepts 'live' police messages as entered in real time into the police logging computer and looks for reports about traffic incidents which might be of relevance to other motorists. It uses these reports to build up a picture of an incident and its likely effects, and formulates suitable advisory messages. Finally, it coordinates delivery of the messages to motorists: in the current system delivery is simulated but the intention is to use media such as paging, cellular radio and the Radio Data System (RDS) for direct transmission to individual cars. The TIC also includes a graphical user interface providing an up to date picture of current incidents and the system's responses to them. This CSRP is the final project report of the TIC project.

This paper is not available online