The University of Sussex

The Fourth White House Papers: Graduate research in the cognitive and computing sciences at Sussex

R. Dallaway, T. Del Soldato, L. Moser, eds.

For the fourth year running, the DPhil students in the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at the University of Sussex held a three day residential workshop at the University's "White House, Isle of Thorns" conference centre. All DPHil students were invited to participate by giving a twenty minute presentation on their research. The presentations reflected the various stages of each student's progress - some first year students presenting some project ideas currently arranging themselves as a formal thesis proposal; others, in later stages of the program, presenting preliminary results, and from final year students the occasional excerpt from their opus magnum. This year's Cognitive Studies Postgraduate Workshop, organized by the editors of this collection, was marked by a new twist - several DPhil students from Brighton Polytechnic's Information Technology Research Institute participated in the workshop.

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