The University of Sussex

The POPLOG programming system

Steven Hardy

This paper describes a typical Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming system and shows how it differs from conventional programming systems. The particular system described is POPLOG. It incorporates a powerful screen editor, a Prolog compiler and a POP-11 compiler. POP-11 is a dialect of POP-2 which has been extensively developed at Sussex University. Other dialects of POP-2 exist, notably GLUE and WonderPOP, but all share the important features of the original which is described in [Burstall 71]. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with a range of conventional programming languages, such as PASCAL and BASIC. It is shown that AI programming systems, and in particular POPLOG, are used because of advantages independent of AI itself. In fact, POPLOG could usefully be employed for any application where program development costs are significant.

This paper is not available online