Human Resources


These pages are designed to give staff taking part in industrial action guidance on key practical issues that may arise.

The normal consequence of strike action will be that a day’s pay will be deducted for each day or partial day of strike action.

The University’s stated position is that the University will reserve the right to deduct pay from staff who take lawful industrial action at the rate of 1/365th of salary, for each day that is not worked.

University policy is that staff are required to submit information if they have taken strike action. This information is then passed to Payroll.

Please complete this form for each day and send to Payroll within 7 days of the end of strike action.

Deducting a day's pay for a day of strike action is a normal and accepted outcome of strike action. 

The University will monitor the impact of action short of strike (ASOS) and will respond according to the level of impact caused. However, the University does not accept partial performance.

Should any ASOS amount to a breach of contract, the University reserves the right to withhold pay for the day or days in question. 

This Guidance and the associated FAQs are non-contractual and may be subject to change as industrial action progresses