Human Resources

Union Action 2019

Why the strikes are happening

One of our recognised trade unions representing some University staff (University and College Union or UCU) has announced eight days of strikes, between 25 November and 4 December (inclusive), in relation to ongoing disputes about pay and pensions.

In addition, UCU Union members are being asked to take another form of action known as action short of a strike (ASOS) between 25 November 2019 and 29 April 2020.

Whilst industrial action will mean disruption for many in our community, it is a legal right for workers in the UK and we’re committed to maintaining respect, safety and good relations between students and staff throughout, and beyond, any period of industrial action.

On the pages below, you can find out what this may mean for you by and how we plan to support you.

You can also get strike terminology explained – because this is a national dispute, you’ll probably hear about it on campus and in the news.