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Early Retirement Voluntary Severance Scheme

Affected staff are being informed on 27 May that the deadline for ERVS is being further extended to 5pm, 9 June 2010. This is to enable the provisional selection process to be completed and for those provisionally selected still to have time to apply for ER/VS if they so choose.

On 27 April 2010, the deadline for the ERVS was extended to 2 June 2010.

See main pages for 25 March 2010 letter and form sent to affected staff, and for the 27 April update.

Details of the ERVS scheme

The University has developed an Early Retirement/Voluntary Severance ("ER/VS") Scheme for those staff at risk of redundancy under the University's Proposal for Change.

The terms for the ER/VS Scheme were approved of Council when it met on 26 March 2010.

This factsheet was sent to affected staff on 25 March 2010.



27 May 2010