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Discretionary Transfer Scheme

Vacancies under the DTS

Opportunities arising as a result of applications made to the Discretionary Transfer Scheme are available for staff at risk under the Proposal for Change.  For details of posts and how to apply - added here 27 May 2010:

Background: details of the DTS

The University developed a Discretionary Transfer Scheme ("DTS") for which staff not affected by the Proposal  for Change can apply.

The purpose of the DTS is to avoid the redundancy of an employee who is at risk of redundancy under the Proposal for Change by his/her filling the post of another employee who is not at risk but who may wish to leave the University voluntarily and is accepted for doing so.

An email was sent to all staff at Sussex on 31 March drawing their attention to the DTS and inviting applications by Friday 16 April 2010.  A further email will be sent on 29 April announcing the extension to 19 May. This was to give staff additional time to consider making applications for the scheme and thereby open up additional opportunities for at risk staff.

An updated factsheet to reflect the new deadline of 19 May will be added here shortly.

See main pages for 25 March 2010 letter and form sent to affected staff.

27 May 2010