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Proposals information - May 2008 to October 2008

Briefing to all staff - October 2008

A briefing note was sent to all staff for all staff in order to: (i) summarise the University's position on its pension proposal for future service pension provision for staff in USPAS eligible grades; and (ii) correct factually inaccurate statements that were currently in circulation:

September 2008

A series of workshops with USPAS members was held in the week beginning 15 September, as the University explained its revised proposal for ensuring that local pension provision is sustainable for the future. The detail of the proposal is set out here:

August 2008

The University wrote to all USPAS members setting out how it was amending the proposal to reflect comments from and consultation with USPAS members and campus trades unions.

June 2008

As part of the formal consultation, the University invited all staff who are members of USPAS to attend presentations on the proposal which were held on 11 June, 19 June and 25 June.

Feedback forms for USPAS members were made available at the presentations; if you are a member and would want a form please email

Up to date Q&A were published on these pages in July, following the presentations. If you have issues which are not covered by the Q&A, questions can be sent to

May 2008

In light of a series of consultative workshops with the relevant campus trades unions (UNISON and UNITE(Amicus)) and following staff briefing undertaken last year, the University wrote to the campus trades union on 2 May 2008 with its proposal for future pension provision.

The University entered a period of negotiation with the trades unions, as the formal representatives of staff in these grades. In parallel, we are also undertaking consultation with current USPAS pension members (as required by pensions law).

Updated October 2008