School of Global Studies

Library procedures

Library procedures for Global Studies teaching and research



Module reading lists

The Library is promoting use of the Aspire management system to ensure modules are properly resourced.  Reading lists can be submitted online following published deadlines which are usually July (for Autumn modules) and October (for Spring modules).

Library staff are happy to provide advice and training on using the system. 

Individual requests

a)  Requests for additions to module materials during the year can be made directly to  . Please state the module title and code, and whether the titles required are for core, recommended or further reading as this will determine the number of copies ordered.

b)  Requests for single copy additions to the main collection, for teaching or research, can be made through the Libary  or you can contact Julie Applin, the Learning and Teaching Support supervisor ‐

New journal subscriptions

are dealt with on an annual basis, following these Library procedures.

More information on how the Library supports research and teaching is available on the Library's Information for staff and researchers page

Evelyn Dodds, the Global Studies Library contact, is happy to help with enquiries.