School of Global Studies

Global Political Economy

(MA) Global Political Economy

Entry for 2010

FHEQ level

This course is set at Level 7 (Masters) in the national Framework for Higher Education Qualifications.

Course Aims

1. To provide students with the core skills and knowledge required for a possible transition to higher levels of research.
2. To enable students to develop a critical understanding of the methods and epistemologies of modern social science.
3. To enable students to employ that understanding actively through the completion of a research project in the field of IR, GPE or War and Peace Studies.
4. To enable students to develop a specialized knowledge of a particular sub-field of IR or War, Violence and Security.

Course Learning Outcomes

The three MA programmes provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills, qualities and other attributes in the following areas:

A. Knowledge and Understanding

Students will be able to:
1. Know, understand and critically evaluate a range of approaches to the study of IR, GPE or War, Violence and Security.
2. Possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a sub-field of the discipline.
3. Handle, interpret and present qualitative data and quantitative data.
4. Undertake a substantial research project (dissertation) of their choice, using the programme, understanding and skills acquired during the programme.

B. Intellectual Skills

1. The aquisition and retention, analysis, critical reflection, summary and dissemination of subject specific knowledge.
2. Practical transferrable skills, including note-taking, organisation, co-operation and team working, presentation and communication skills.

Course learning outcomes

An understanding of the core concepts and theories that define the sub-field of GPE.

An understanding of the significance of the world economy for the nature of the international system.

An in-depth knowledge of the key themes of post-war global political economy.

An advanced knowledge and understanding of a specialist area within GPE.

The ability to present concise and cogently structured arguments, both orally and in writing.

The ability to carry out critical analysis on complex issues related to the discipline.

The ability to work together with others as well as independently, including to manage time effectively.

The ability to apply a range of skills in the retrieval and use of primary and secondary sources.

The ability to deploy a range of communication and information technology skills.

The ability to communicate effectively with others, and present information both orally and in writing.

The ability to undertake a substantial research project in the field of global political economy.

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