My research interests lie in the field of International Development. The aim of my research is to explore whether social protection programmes and migration have any mutual impact on each other. Specifically, its purpose is to gain better understanding of the linkages and mututal effects between cash transfer programmes and international and domestic migration. To do this, I am evaluating the relationship between "Oportunidades", the main cash transfer programme in Mexico, and domestic and international migration flows in Oaxaca.

My main interest is to explore the decision-making process and the main factors that are in place when beneficiary households and individuals of "Oportunidades" take the decision to stay or to migrate. Likely, I want to explore the perceptions and trajectories of ex-beneficiaries and whether they consider that the programme and its different components have influenced their decisions and personal aspirations. Understanding whether Oportunidades has or has not been an important determinant for ex-beneficiaries moving out of poverty is an essential part of my research. Likewise, my research aims to understand the different factors that influence the decision to migrate, under which circumstances and the type of migration that is produced.