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photo of Mamdouh Kamal Hakim Fadil

Dr Mamdouh Kamal Hakim Fadil

Post:Post-Doctoral Associate (Anthropology)
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Over the past Twenty Five years, I have developed a professional experience in education development and reform for both formal and non-formal education, rural and urban socioeconomic development policies and procedures, research, research management, project design, project management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, training and professional developemnt, and institutional strengthening on grassroots, intermediary and macro levels. I designed and participated in designing programs that are carried out by government organizations, NGOs and grassroots community based organizations.

My encounters with contemporary social and anthropological theory and educational and development research through my academic exposure to social anthropology and social research of education and development have extensively involved me in researching and understanding educational and developmental policy issues in Egypt, middle east and the global south especially concerning the nature of developmental interventions and ways it affects people’s lives.

Spending a big portion of my work experience in a very close contact with local communities, development practitioners, and government officials gives me a very clear understanding of life conditions, socio-economic status and different development variables. I have served in senior level management positions for large scale development and education programs for the past Eighteen years.



Researcher (Anthropology)



- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Social Anthropology, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, UK. Thesis Title is: 'Between Hopelessness and Ambivalence': Young Egyptians, Secondary Schooling and the Arab Spring in Urban Cairo.

 - Master of Arts (MA) Sociology-Anthropology 2002 at the American University in Cairo (AUC), School of Humanities and Social Science, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Egyptology. My specialization is Sociology and Anthropology of Development. Thesis topic is: Women, Power and Position within Household Economy: "Ethnography of Microfinance in Poor Cairo Neighborhoods".