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Ethnographic Methods of Data Collection (507X8B)

Ethnographic Methods of Data Collection

Module 507X8B

Module details for 2017/18.

15 credits

FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)

Module Outline

The aim of this course is to develop understanding of, and competence in, ethnographic research methods. Students will acquire knowledge of ethnographic research through both reading secondary accounts and by conducting their own projects. They will be required to reflect on participant observation, informal conversations and interviewing as research methods, assessing their possibilities and limits. Discussion will focus on access to ethnographic settings, comportment in the field, and the interpretation of observations. The course will also concentrate on the process of recording ethnographic data through fieldnotes. In the second and final workshop, project teams will present and critically reflect upon their experiences of conceptualising, planning and carrying out their research projects.

Specific topics addressed will include:
Accessing settings
Overt and covert observations in natural settings
Participant observation
Talking with research subjects
Field research in familiar and unfamiliar cultures
Recording observational data: field notes and diaries

Module learning outcomes

Conceptualise a research 'problem' and develop a plan of research to investigate it in the context of a research team

Identify appropriate methods for gathering data on a specific research problem

Conduct ethnographic research using these methods in the context of a team

Analyse, critically reflect upon and present an account of the reeserach process and the issues it raised

Group PresentationEnd of Year Assessment100.00%

Submission deadlines may vary for different types of assignment/groups of students.


Coursework components (if listed) total 100% of the overall coursework weighting value.

TermMethodDurationWeek pattern
Spring SemesterWorkshop5 hours010000000000
Spring SemesterWorkshop8 hours000000100000

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Dr Karis Jade Petty


Mrs Jayne Paulin

Assess convenor

Prof Jane Cowan


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