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CoastView - Starting Page

CoastView is a student resource complementing the 3rd year option 'Coastal Processes and Management'. Its development was funded by the Teaching Learning and Development Fund at the University of Sussex.
CoastView contains information regarding the processes and the management of the Sussex coast and from further afield. The material originates from a variety of sources including newspaper articles, reports, historical postcards, time-series images and videos.

This start-page is the main hub from which the individual sections can be accessed. The website structure is shown in the diagram below and clicking on the main topics will take you to an overview. More expereinced users may want to go directly to the individual pages by clicking on the smaller branches.
Apart from the browser navigation no menus or frames are provided to maximise the space for displaying content, however, clicking on the banner image on each page brings you back to the start page!

The following symbols indicate = air photos, = videos / slide shows, = maps and = longer reports.

A large number of images can be seen as a larger image or as a zoom-image by clicking on it (the pointing finger appears when over the image and further information can be found in the status line)

Click on any of the branches below to go that section

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