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Sediment Transfer across the Ouse/Newhaven Estuary
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The STONE project is co-funded by the Environment agency and the Centre for Environmental Research at the University of Sussex.

The aim of the STONE project is to investigate the transfer of river-derived sediment into the Sussex coastal zone using the Ouse estuary as a case study. The key objectives are:

  1. The extent to which the intertidal areas in the zone of river-sea mixing act as a sink for suspended sediments (i.e. deposition of sediment in the estuary).
  2. The direction and flux of suspended sediment in river-sea interface (i.e. movement of sediment in the estuary)

High quality empirical data on sediment dynamics will be obtained throughout the STONE project in order to help inform coastal management. Currently, very little data on sediment dynamics is held on the River Ouse and, for British rivers in general, relatively little is known about the transfer of river sediment to the coastal system. The STONE project will use novel physical and chemical techniques, including Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling to measure sediment movement, helping to build a clearer understanding of estuarine dynamics.

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Weather is one of the many factors influencing sediment movement. Today's forecast:

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