Research themes

Ceri's research activities are primarily about the ways in which migrants (including forced migrants) adapt to the new environments in which they find themselves.  This may be by maintaining connections across space to the place they migrated from, for example through transnational activities, and/or by building connections in their new place of settlement through integration. 

In recent years, Ceri has focussed more on the politics of migration management, in particular how policies aimed at deterring migrants and asylum seekers are experienced by migrants (and deportees) themselves. 

In addition to her established ethnographic work on migration, Ceri is developing a new area of research that builds on her work on community, transnationalism and inclusion/exclusion of minority groups, but involves a sideways step from migration studies, in order to reflect on the current conjuncture in cultural politics – particularly associated with the rise of the so-called 'alt-right' in western liberal democracies.     

Research Projects

Possibilities and Realities of Return Migration (PREMIG)

Funded by the Research Council Norway.  Led by Professor Jørgen Carling at the International Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), with partners at Sussex and Statistics Norway.

Making Asylum Seekers Legible and Visible

Funded by the ESRC.  Led by Professor Nick Gill at the University of Exeter, partners at University of Lancaster and St. Peter's College, USA.

Ceri has also undertaken a variety of research consultancy work; predominantly related to Afghanistan and Afghan migration but also on wider migration and development issues, and public health.