Genome Damage and Stability Centre


GDSC Seminars September to December 2014
Held on Wednesdays from 1.00 - 2.00pm in the GDSC Seminar Room unless otherwise stated.




Friday, 29th August

Host Dr Helfrid Hochegger


Prof Shunichi Takeda, Department of   Radiation Genetics, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University JAPAN

“The PolD3 subunit facilitates   translesion DNA synthesis by replicative DNA polymerase delta”

Friday, 5th   September

Host Prof Aidan   Doherty


Prof Kristin A.   Eckert, Gittlen Cancer Research Foundation, Penn State College of Medicine

“Beyond TLS: New   Functions for Specialized DNA Polymerases in Human Genome Stability”

17th   September

Host Prof Tony Carr


Dr Melanie Flint,   Senior lecturer, School of Pharmacy & Molecular Biosciences, University   of Brighton

“Stress and Breast   Cancer; Mechanisms and Clinical Relevance”

24th   September

Host Eva Hoffmann


Dr Peter Thorpe,   MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Division of Stem Cell Biology   and Developmental Genetics

"Kinetochore   homeostasis during cell division"

1st   October

Host Prof Laurence   Pearl


Prof Charles   Swanton, CRUK, London Research Institute, 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London

“Causes and   Consequences of Tumour Heterogeneity”

8th   October

Host Dr Jessica   Downs


Dr Vincent Dion, Faculté de biologie et de Médecine, Centre Intégratif de   Génomique, Uni Lausanne

"Organizing   DNA repair in a 3D nucleus"

15th   October

Host Prof Aidan   Doherty


Dr Hasan Yardimici,   CRUK London Research Institute

"Molecular   Mechanisms of Replicative DNA Helicases"

22nd   October


29th   October

Host Dr Jessica   Downs


Dr Sonia Rocha,   College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

“Mechanisms   controlling cellular responses to hypoxia”

Tuesday, 4th   November

Host Eva Hoffmann


Prof Jim Haber,   Director, Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center, Brandeis University,   Boston US

“Genome stability   and instability during repair of a broken chromosome”

12th   November


19th   November

Host Dr Eva   Hoffmann


Dr Steve Smerdon,   MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London

26th   November

Week of Scientific Retreat

3rd   December

Host Prof Aidan   Doherty


Dr Puck Knipscheer, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands

10th   December

Host Prof Tony Carr


Dr Sarah Martin, Lecturer   Centre for Molecular Oncology, Barts Cancer Institute - a Cancer Research UK   Centre of Excellence Queen Mary, University of London

17th   December