Waste Disposal

  • Hypodermic needles, scalpel blades, Pasteur pipettes or broken glass must never be placed in ordinary waste bins.
  • Broken glassware must be placed in the designated bins in the lab.
  • Hypodermic needles and syringes that have been used with blood and scalpel blades are classified as clinical waste and must be disposed of into yellow sharps bins for incineration.
  • Used Pasteur pipettes should be placed in a separate container to glass pipettes and disposed of into the broken glassware bin after decontaminating with Virkon if necessary.
  • All disposable material from experiments involving genetic modification and all material from blood separation must be placed in Hazard bags for autoclaving. All other material from such experiments must be disinfected with a Virkon solution before disposal.
  • It is the responsibility of each laboratory to take full Hazard bags to the Autoclave room.
  • For disposal of chemical waste, see section 8 and the appropriate Local Rules (SSC-69-5).
  • Gloves should be worn when disposing of any waste material, including general waste.