• Unauthorised persons, including children under sixteen years, are not permitted in laboratories and glassware cleaning areas. Centre staff that wish to allow their children access to authorised areas of the Centre are deemed to have accepted full responsibility for them.
  • The main entrance revolving door is locked from 17.00 hours to 07.30 hours weekdays and at all times during the weekends. During these times visitors can use the intercom system.
  • When leaving, check windows in your laboratory/office, turn off equipment, turn off lights, and close doors to corridor.
  • The last person to leave a labatory must make a final check of equipment, lights and doors and windows in the Centre.
  • The last person to leave the corridor should turn off the lights.
  • Always switch off equipment when not in use. Incubators, Freezers, Refrigerators, Ultracentrifuges and Fume Cupboards are always designated for overnight running. All other equipment must be clearly marked if intended for regular overnight use. For occasional overnight use, a special notice should be placed on the equipment.
  • If in doubt when leaving, you may turn off any piece of equipment not clearly marked for overnight operation.
  • The University may be considered a potential target for animal rights Activists. Always be on the look out for suspect packages or letters.