Finance Division

New supplier setup

You can sign in to the new supplier management system to propose a new supplier to be added to the University's Finance System

How to set up a new supplier

1. Request login details from (you must use an ‘’ email address)

2. Enter the system and propose a new supplier. Find out how to propose a new supplier (this video doesn't have audio)

3. We'll review the proposal and approve it, if appropriate. You'll get a system notification

4. We send an ‘Invitation to Engage’ to your supplier, asking them to submit bank details and answer a few questions about their organisation. You'll get a notification from the system.

5.When your supplier responds, we'll review their information, and call them to independently to verify their bank details. Once they're verified, the Supplier will move onto the University Finance System, and you can raise purchase orders and accept supplier invoices. You'll receive a notification from the new system.

6. Before you propose a new supplier, you must check if a supplier that can provide similar goods or services doesn’t already exist in the University Finance System, or the new supplier management system. If the exact same supplier already exists in the new system, this will be flagged to you as a duplication. Contact Procurement before you proceed with this request.

7. Additional tips for proposing a new supplier:

  • Always check to see if the supplier already exists before proposing a new one.
  • If you are proposing a supplier as part of a Research project, please upload the project contract, collaboration agreement etc in the documents section.
  • Ensure your description of purchase confirms what you are buying in plain English. 
  • Explain how value for money is achieved by using the new supplier.
  • Check if your product or service can be delivered by an agreed framework (i.e. a contract already in place with the University).
  • Remember to fill out the risk section – what would happen if this supplier could no longer provide the goods or services?
  • Make sure you enter the correct email address for the supplier, otherwise your proposal will fail.


1. How do I add a supplier onto the Finance System?

Check if the supplier is already on the Finance System. If not, check if the payment can be made by an alternative payment method by reviewing the new Purchasing Policy and e-learning /user guides .

If the supplier needs to be set-up on the system, the next step after checking this is the most appropriate payment method is to “Propose a New Supplier” on the Supplier Portal. You will then be responsible for following up with the supplier.

This will require you to login to the Supplier Portal here:

If you are unsure of whether your supplier is appropriate for the Portal, go to the FAQ  - ‘When is it appropriate to add a supplier to the Portal?’.

2. How do I get login details to access the Supplier Portal to propose a new supplier?

Please email who will set-up your login details for you.

3. I have lost the link to the Supplier Portal. Where can I find it?

Please save this link to your Bookmarks in your browser:

4. When it is appropriate to add a new supplier to the Portal?

Generally, it is appropriate to add a supplier if your supplier has been selected in line with the new Purchasing Policy. Guidance can be found under sections five and six on pages six and seven.

5. What happens once I 'propose' my new supplier?
  • Procurement will check the proposal.
  • If appropriate, Procurement will “Approve” the Proposal. This moves the Proposal from the “Supplier Proposal” section to the “Supplier Directory” and the status becomes – “Procurement Approved”.
  • The Procurement team then send the supplier an email containing a link to the online portal. Please follow-up with your supplier and ask them to follow the link and submit information.
  • The final stage is for Procurement to verify the bank details (this prevents fraud) – at this stage, the status becomes “Bank verification attempt(s) in Progress”.
  • Once the information has been added to the Finance System the status becomes “Active and Registered in the Finance System” which means your supplier is live in the Finance System and ready to use.

You can click into the supplier and review Procurement’s notes by clicking the HISTORY button within the supplier account (top right of screen).

6. How do I complete the New Supplier Proposal Form in the system?

For help in completing the form, you can watch the Vimeo Guide here:

If you still require assistance, please contact the Finance Service Desk (

7. How long does it take to get my supplier set up on the Finance System?

Timing is affected by the length of time it takes your supplier to respond to our information request and verify their bank details.

Some suppliers are quicker than others. If your request is urgent, or you have a particular deadline, let the supplier know the link is on its way and follow up with them if they have not responded within your required timeline.

The ‘History’ button and Statuses within the Portal are designed so you do not have to contact Procurement for an update. You can see the status of your Proposal on the system, and follow up with the supplier if required.

While automated reminders are sent from the Portal to the supplier for the first three days after acceptance, it is your supplier’s responsibility to proactively respond.

8. How do I check the status of my supplier proposal?

You can check the progress of your Proposal by logging in to the Supplier Portal and checking the status of your proposal under SRM, Supplier Directory. The status of your request will appear in the column on the right next to your supplier.

You can also click into your proposal and review the notes by clicking the HISTORY button within the supplier account (top right of screen) to see what activity has taken place.

9. My proposal came up with an 'error' page. What does this mean?

This indicates an error in your typing, such as a space in a field or an incomplete email address. Contact if you have difficulty resolving this.

10. What do the statuses in the Supplier Portal mean?
  • Procurement Approved: Your Proposal has been reviewed by Procurement and it has been approved to move to the next stage in engaging a new supplier. When this status is applied it moved your “Proposed Supplier to the “Supplier Directory” as opposed to the “Supplier Proposals” section.
  • Invitation Sent – Prompt your supplier to respond: The Procurement team have sent an “invitation to Engage” email to your supplier. They will need to follow the link in this email and complete the online form. Please follow-up with your supplier when you see this status if they have not followed up within your required timeline.
  • Responded to Supplier set up Information: your supplier has responded to the questionnaire – this does not mean that all fields required have been completed or that the answers are satisfactory.
  • Information missing/incorrect – with supplier: the initial answers to the questionnaire have been returned but there is something missing or incorrect to be completed.
  • Bank verification attempt(s) in Progress: attempting to verify details with supplier.
  • Registered: The account is being transferred to the Finance System.
  • Active and Registered in the Finance System: your supplier is live in the Finance System and ready to use.
11. Why can't I see my proposed supplier any more?

Your supplier has changed status. See FAQ 10.

12. My supplier has told me about a change of bank details. What do I do?

The purpose of the Portal is that your supplier is now responsible for updating their own information, by logging into the Supplier Portal.