Finance Division

Purchasing cards

There are some circumstances when you may use a purchasing card. Purchasing cards are an efficient way to purchase goods and services and should be used in the following circumstances.

Using a purchasing card

You may be able to use a purchasing card if:
  • a supplier is not set up on the University Finance system and the purchase is a one off
  • a supplier only accepts card payments either online, by telephone or in person (normally an internet seller or high street retailer)
  • services are being purchased from the University’s managed travel provider to secure the price on offer
  • the individual doesn't have access to the University Finance System at the point when the purchase is needed. For example, when you travel on University business and you buy goods and services in accordance with this policy you should use a purchasing card if you have one.

How to apply for a purchasing card

Send the following completed forms to the Finance Service Desk at

Please do not send these forms directly to Barclaycard, as they will be returned for the proper authorisation.

You should read the Purchasing Policy (Appendix 2).