Finance Division

Withdrawal and Intermission

You may wish to take time out from your course for a number of different reasons. If you intend to return to your course after a set period of time it is known as intermission or temporary withdrawal. If you wish to leave your course and not return at a future date it is known as permanent withdrawal.

How do I intermit or withdraw from my course?

If you are thinking of intermitting or withdrawing from your course you need to speak to the appropriate office as soon as possible. All undergraduates and postgraduate taught students should contact the Student Life Centre in Bramber House. You can make an appointment with a Student Life Advisor by phoning 01273 876767, or emailing

Find out more about withdrawing or taking a break from your course on the Student Life Centre’s website

Please contact the Research Student Administration Office if you are a postgraduate research student. You can phone them on 01273 876650, or email at

How will my tuition fees be afftected?

Once your request to intermit or withdraw has been processed your student record will be updated accordingly.
At this point the Student Accounts Office will be notified by the relevant office, and your tuition fees will be amended in line with the University’s financial refund or rebate policy.

All students - leaving part way through a liability period:

Please note that if a student leaves part way through a chargeable period, the full fee for that period will be due. For example, a postgraduate master’s student leaving in November will be liable for tuition fees to the end of December.

New Students

If you are a new student to the University of Sussex and you withdraw within the first three weeks of the academic year, you will not be charged any tuition fees. Please note that Arrivals Weekend is used to denote the commencement date of the academic year. If you withdraw or intermit after this date the standard policy for continuing students will apply.

Continuing Students

Intermission and withdrawal is calculated in the same way, and is based on what type of student you are, such as undergraduate or postgraduate, home/EU or overseas. The following section details how each category of student accrues tuition fees (based on your study commencing in the September of the year you intermit or withdraw).

Home / EU Undergraduate and PGCE Students

You are liable for 25% of the annual tuition fee up to the 29/01/17, a further 25% up to the 05/05/17 and a further 50% up to 09/06/17.

Overseas Undergraduate, Overseas PGCE and all Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate Programmes

You are liable for 33.33% of the annual tuition fee up to 29/01/17, a further 33.33% up to 05/05/17 and a further 33.33% up to 09/06/17.

Postgraduate Masters and Doctorate Programmes

You are liable for 25% of the annual tuition fee up to the end of December, a further 25% to the end of March, a further 25% to the end of June and a further 25% to the end of September.  

Continuation Students

Continuation fees cover registration for three consecutive terms. If you intermit, the period your continuation fee covers will be extended accordingly. For example, if your continuation fee originally covered a full academic year starting in September, and you intermit for the Spring term, a further term’s registration will be covered by the continuation fee in the following academic year. In this scenario the additional term covered will be the Autumn term of the following year.

If you permanently withdraw after you have begun a period of continuation, no cancellations are made, and the continuation fee is due in full.

What happens if I owe tuition fees after I have intermitted or withdrawn?

You may still have an outstanding balance to pay once your tuition fees have been amended to reflect your intermission or withdrawal. You can view any balance, and pay with a debit or credit card, online via your Sussex Direct account. You can also pay with a debit or credit card by calling our helpline or visiting the Student Accounts Office in person. Our helpline number is 0800 849 4979, and is open weekdays from 10am to 1pm, and 2pm to 4pm.

If you are intermitting our Accounts Receivable team may contact you to discuss arranging payment prior to your return, and to keep you informed of any other outstanding amounts on your student account (such as any accommodation fees that may be due for payment).

If you have permanently withdrawn from the University you will need to pay any outstanding amount as soon as possible. If you need to discuss your account, or arrange payment of your balance, please contact our Accounts Receivable team on 01273 678206.

How much will I be charged when I return from intermission?

You will need to re-register when you return to your course following a period of intermission. Part of this process will be arranging to pay any tuition fees that are due for your current period of study. Please note that all University set tuition fees (such as overseas tuition fees), are liable to increase on an annual basis. Therefore the annual tuition fee may increase when you return from intermission.

When you re-register you will be able to either pay your tuition fees in full, or set up a payment plan (three payments for students returning in September, taken from your nominated debit or credit card in October, January and April).

I have intermitted / withdrawn and my student account is in credit - can I have a refund?

If you have intermitted, and your student account is in credit from a tuition fee payment, the credit will be held on your account to go towards any future tuition fees that are due upon your return. You can however request a refund of any other credits, such as from the overpayment of accommodation charges, by contacting the Student Accounts Office.

If you have permanently withdrawn, and your student account is in credit, you can request a refund by contacting the Student Accounts Office. Please see the ‘Refunds’ section for further information.