50 years

August 1998 - July 1999

Vice-Chancellor Alasdair Smith

  • Tony Binns, Dorothy Sheridan and Nicola Woods win the Teaching Awards
  • Gordon Conway is made President of the Rockefeller Foundation
  • The proposed Medical School is not going ahead but a future bid is not ruled out
  • Recruitment from the East Asian market has suffered because of the Asian financial crisis
  • New science labs and the Library extension are now operational
  • New computing facilities open, doubling the number of open-access PCs available on campus
  • The Sports Centre is being extended and refurbished with Lottery money and funding from the Foundation for Sports and Arts
  • HE is going through great changes. The student body will be more diverse in future, and funding will become less secure or not sufficient so new sources of income will need to be sought
  • The University 'has a proud record of mature student admissions and of participation in Access schemes'. These could be hit hard under new student funding schemes. Part-time degrees and continuing vocational education are the way forward
  • SPRU develops a programme of management and business studies for the science schools
  • Lord Attenborough is installed as the fourth Chancellor of Sussex
  • Margaret Sharp, Senior Fellow in SPRU, is made a peer for the Liberal Democrats in the Queen's Birthday Honours List
  • The first two part-time undergraduates in CCE are awarded their degrees, having begun their studies in 1992. Katherine Storr and Shirley Wright both progress onto Masters degrees
  • Y2K group is set up to decide what action should be taken if the year 2000 causes a computer malfunction
  • COGS celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • A task force is set up to initiate a debate about the future of the University in the 21st century
  • A record 4,000 people attend the University UG Open Day
  • Performance indicators show that 82 per cent of undergraduate students were from a state school background

15 per cent of the undergraduate intake are students from Access courses in the region

Sussex has students from 112 countries. 2,262 international students represent nearly 25 per cent of the total student body. Fifty per cent of those students are from EU countries