50 years

August 1964 - July 1965

  • First Chancellor Viscount Monckton dies 9 January 1965
  • The first Park houses are opened: Norwich house for men and York House for women
  • New major subjects are introduced: American Studies; International Relations; and Social Anthropology
  • The School of Physical Sciences is split into MAPS (Maths and Physics) and MOLS (Physics and Biochemistry)
  • First MAs and MScs are offered, but there are not enough grants available for everyone
  • Student grants are £340 per year in 1965
  • There are discussions on audio-visual (a/v) aids and the need for an internal television system to be set up for teaching purposes, including the language lab
  • Dr W Eysselinck becomes Director of the proposed Arts Centre with the view to it opening in 1965-66
  • MA in Management Studies is to be offered in partnership with the Regional College of Technology
  • Links are made with Herstmonceux Royal Observatory and the Rutherford High Enrgy Lab at Harwell
  • Honorary Degrees are awarded to a number of people including Albert Finney, Henry Moore and Kenneth Kaunda
  • An agreement is reached that the chapel will be called the Meeting House and will be a general quiet meeting space on the ground floor with the chapel on first floor
  • A Data Process Committee begins to investigate the uses of computers at the University
  • Thabo Mbeki graduates with a 2:1 from the School of Social Studies

Student numbers

1,504 students: 1,300 undergraduates and 204 postgraduates

Staff numbers

197 members of faculty including 28 professors and 100 lecturers