Frances Colban
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Frances Colban

Frances Colban worked at Sussex through the 1960s as a shorthand typist in the administration.


Well my father working in the town, could have got me a job, you know anywhere but I was a bit bolshie I suppose; I didn't want to feel I'd got the job because of him. And the principle of the secretarial college had her pet employers in the town; estate agents and all these sort of dreary things. And I went for an interview with one of them and oh it was awful and the salary they offered me was awful. And then I saw an advert for the University of Sussex, short-hand typist and I thought "I'm going to apply". I had no idea what it was really. I think I knew the new university was coming to Brighton but um. So I applied for this job and was offered an interview at Stanmer House with Mr Shields, which I went to with sort of fear and trembling [laughs] because it was only the second interview I'd ever had, and they offered me the job. And I never left till I left to have a family, I stayed there. I'd always intended to perhaps get a bit of experience and then go and work in London but it never happened I stayed at Sussex. And I stayed in the administration despite attempts to move out once or twice [laughs] to go to another part of it. Geoff Lockwood managed to persuade me to stay always so I stayed in admin.

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